With PROJECT CHANGELING, the first Serena Keilor novel, about to go to press, it’s time to see what it’s all about. Here’s what readers will see on the back cover of the paperback and at the e-book point of sale:

In the Martian domed city of Elysium, Serena Keilor is a young social outcast, discriminated against because of her red hair, her smallness, and her mottled complexion. Unknown to those who revile her as a worthless dirt eater, however, she’s a highly effective undercover operative for Martian Intelligence who’s just been handed her most difficult assignment yet.

Someone is selling Martian corporate secrets to Earth Intelligence at a time when the cold war between Mars and the motherworld is reaching a crisis point. The race is on to build an interstellar spacecraft to find the source of mysterious alien transmissions that could bring fabulous technological advancements to the winner. The fate of Mars as an independent world hangs in the balance.

Serena’s job is to confirm the identity of the spy and his Earth handler before they betray Martian secrets and destroy everything that the five corporations controlling the red planet have worked for generations to build.

Aided only by an artificial human who is a discarded prototype from the interstellar project, Serena risks her life to discover the identity of the spy while also uncovering an astonishing secret about herself and her unexpected role in the future of Mars!

Coming next: we begin serializing PROJECT CHANGELING. Are you ready for a Prologue? Stay tuned!

Illustration credits: Mohamed Chirmitia/Pixabay (Serena Keilor closeup); alexaldo/Thinkstock (banner image and book cover image).

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